Residences/Farm Houses
At Home Design Interiors, we believe that interior of your Residences/Farm Houses should be as distinct an expression as your signature. The home spaces we design professes your personality, taste, style and class

Corporate Offices
Home Design Interiors has proven expertise in creating office spaces that fit to the new age with an environment congenial for efficient working conditions. Absolutely stress free and designed for life-work harmony, your employees would call your office, their second home.

Shopping Complexes
We designed shopping complexes, where beauty, function and form meet the hopping spree. Our designs make your shopping complex a place one would simply love to be, following the experiential path through specially retail, entertainment and dining venues.

In the hospitality industry, where the Guest's taste, service and satisfaction matters most, it requires a keen eye to design spaces that are timeless and at the same time get along with varied preferences and tastes. Vedanta has the right blend of insights and experience to develop Hotel spaces that appeal to guests cutting across the diverse, inter-cultural boundaries.


“The best interior design is living with the ones you love”

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